So You’ve Already Filed a Bankruptcy…

During the recent economic downturn many families have made the decision to use the bankruptcy code to eliminate debts and rebuilt for the future. However, most don’t understand that even if you have filed a bankruptcy within the past few years you may still be able to file a second bankruptcy to save a house […]

Three Simple Rules for Settling a Debt

Three Simple Rules For Settling a Debt With a Creditor Many consumers who settle debts with creditors are so relieved to resolve the debt that they don’t take time to consider the consequences of the settlement. The form of the settlement and the language in any written agreement can have a lasting impact on you […]

Five Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

I’ve consulted with hundreds of homeowners facing default or foreclosure on their home loans. These are five things that each homeowner facing these issues needs to know. 1. Work With Your Lender: Working with your lender is the easiest, least expensive and best long-term solution for saving your home. However, lenders and loan servicers are […]